Jomashop Announces New Watch Trade-In Program

Online discount watch retailer Jomashop has just announced a new trade-in program that is now live on their site. For years, Jomashop has stood as a significant name in the e-commerce watch buying space. With an intuitive user experience, competitive pricing, and reliable customer service, Jomashop is now extending a new service to online watch buyers that allows them to apply trade-ins to their highly-discounted listings. Best of all, you can apply the credit from the trade-in directly to a selection of thousands of watches for sale on Jomashop, many of them at discounts of up to 60% off MSRP. So, how does it work?

It all starts out with a simple, one page form. There’s no initial commitment and the process starts with your submission for a quote delivered online. These online quotes usually take 1 to 2 business days and the more information you provide, the easier it is for Jomashop to give you an accurate quote. You can even upload images of your watch to help the evaluation process. Because Jomashop is at the forefront of the latest developments in online watch buying and economic growth within the watch industry, they make the process as easy as possible if you do decide to move forward with the initial quote. That’s why when the time comes to send a watch in for Jomashop to evaluate, they provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to assist with your trade-in (as long as you are shipping within the USA).

Finding a great, discounted price for a watch you’ve been hunting online can be a great feeling. But, if you can apply a trade-in credit to soften the blow of that purchase, it just makes the experience even better. Because trade-ins offer so much flexibility for watch buyers, Jomashop felt that there was a need to support this side of the market with a simple online solution. After sending your watch in, Jomashop will perform a full evaluation and authenticity check.

Omega Seamaster model currently available on Jomashop.

After receiving and accepting a firm offer, watch buyers will then have a chunk of available credit to apply to watch purchases on Jomashop. Remember, Jomashop carries a variety of brands ranging from Rolex to Omega and even A. Lange Söhne, Patek Philippe, and more. Currently, trade-in credits are only offered on purchases of $2,000 or more. However, there is a vast variety of desirable watch models available in that range, like the Tudor Black Bay series and an assortment of Omega Seamaster models.

One of the many Tudor Black Bay models available on Jomashop.

Jomashop encourages you to browse, shop securely, and find a great deal on your next timepiece. They aim to make online watch buying convenient simple, and fun. That’s why their new trade-in program gives watch buyers even more options when hunting for their next timepiece. To learn more, be sure to visit Jomashop’s dedicated trade-in page. You can also browse through their authenticity guarantee and warranty information, two key factors to consider when purchasing any watch online. Upgrading to the next great watch is easier than you think, so visit Jomashop, browse, shop securely, and find a great deal on your next timepiece.

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