UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m Dive Watch

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UNDIVE watches is a new micro-band based in Hong Kong. Back in 2015, they started designing a dive watch that aimed to combine vintage styling with modern technology. Now, after nearly two years of research, they finally found the perfect balance and they are proud to announce the UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m dive watch.

If you are a fan of vintage Seiko dive watches, you may recognize the look of the Dark Sea 500m. That’s because it shares similarities with the Seiko 6105-8110, Seiko’s iconic dive watch from the 1970s. Its unique shape is legendary to say the least but unfortunately, it was only produced from 1970 to 1977. Because of this, it is rare to find one in good working order today. Inspired and influenced by this unique and iconic watch, UNDIVE attempted to make their first diver one that not only preserves the DNA of Seiko’s 6105-8110 but also upgrades everything from from the ground up.

As an homage piece, it also imitates the shape of the Seiko 6105-8110. On wrist however, the look and and the experience are both very different from any existing 6105-style watches. First, it has a slightly larger and thicker case. It’s made of 316L stainless steel, measures 45mm wide, 15.4mm thick, and 50mm from lug-to-lug. Though these dimensions might seem aggressive, it looks handsome and feels comfortable on the wrist.

And, unlike other dive watches that are fully brushed, it has a highly-polished surface finish that wraps around the case and ends at the lugs to create a nice, visual contrast. On wrist, the domed sapphire crystal is clear and offers a degree of visual distortion depending on what angle you are viewing the dial from. The dial markers, filled with BGW9 Super-LumiNova, are large and clear – a trait that’s entirely necessary in a purpose-built dive watch.

The seconds hand also pays tribute to Seiko’s “stop light” design and features a segmented look filled with both BGW9  Super-LumiNova and red Super-LumiNova. Interestingly enough, the red lume will glow pink in the dark, which makes for an interesting look in low light conditions.

But aside from all the aesthetic touches, the Dark Sea 500m is built with saturation divers and heavy users in mind. It provides 500m of water resistance and has a helium escape valve system that prevents gas build-up and internal damage at great depths. UNDIVE also focuses on ease of use. The over-sized 7.5mm screw-down crown makes it easy to adjust the Seiko NH35 movement and the watch also has a tactile 120-click bezel for tracking bottom time.

The UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m comes in two versions; Cool Steel, which is the all stainless steel model and Black Storm, which features a DLC-coated brushed bezel. As mentioned previously, the Seiko NH35 movement powers both models. This 21,600 bph movement features hacking and hand winding and 41 hours of power reserve. The campaign is now live on Kickstarter and has been fully funded. Early bird prices start at $436 USD for the Cold Steel version and $460 USD for the Black Storm version. For more information, please visit UNDIVE’s official website and subscribe to their newsletter to get the most up-to-date details. undivewatches.com

316L Stainless Steel Case (with DLC coating on brushed bezel (Black Storm version)
Water Resistance
500m with Heilum Escape Valve
120-click unidirectional bezel
45mm x 50mm x 15.40mm
Lug Width
Seiko NH35
Matte black dial with Super-LumiNova BGW9
Hour Minute hands filled with Super-LumiNova BGW9
Seconds hand filled with Super Luminova BGW9 Red
High-quality domed sapphire crystal
Screw-down with Trident logo
Professional accordion-style diver’s strap and leather strap

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