Introducing The Wryst Force Collection From Wryst Watches

Luxury Swiss watch brand Wryst recently announced their new 2018 collection, named Wryst FORCE. Headed by founder and owner Jacques Fournier, the new FORCE collection seeks to modernize the typical Swiss watch design with a steady and mature, yet emotional design that takes the Wryst brand to new heights.

The design of the new FORCE collection focuses on perpetual change and evolution. The concept stems from elements of nature such as air and water, which exert their force on our lives to create wind and waves. The ideas were also inspired by exhilarating sports and outdoor activities, where forces such as gravity help us to accelerate, fall, and shift our momentum. One could argue that time is also a force that acts on us constantly to push our lives in a forward direction. The new FORCE collection from Wryst comes in four different varieties.

Swiss Watches Wryst Force SX210

Featuring a sleek black casing with gunmetal and camel accents, the SX210 is aesthetically pleasing and comes with the FORCE collection’s innovative design. It’s the ideal watch for daily sporting and outdoor adventures, and will only be produced in small batches to make them highly collectible timepieces. The SX210 will be in stock from November 15th, 2017. Priced at $912 USD.

Luxury Swiss Watch Wryst Force SX230

The SX230 has a bold and aggressive design. The deep blue watch dial has white markings with a black border, encased with a shiny metal that enhances the luxurious colors. There’s a choice of either a black and blue or white and blue silicone bracelet. The blue is meant to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Priced at $886 USD.

Rose Gold Watch Wryst SX270

The SX270 sets itself apart from the rest of the collection by donning a sleek rose gold finish with a black case. The watch dial has red accents on the second hand, and the number 270 is also given red lettering. The bracelet is two-tone with chocolate and pure white but can be replaced with a mocha and chocolate bracelet. Priced at $965 USD.

Blue Sports Watch Wryst Force SX300

The SX300 follows in the SX230’s footsteps by adopting a deep blue color scheme. The difference here is that the watch dial is grey and black with white hands, and the case now wears the blue colors proudly. The silicone bracelet features a stylish, yet simple black design with white lines. Priced at $899 USD.

All watches in the Wryst Force collection feature the following:

  • Limited production run of 75 timepieces
  • Grade 516L stainless steel case material
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • 50mm width watch size
  • Swiss Quartz Chronograph Ronda 3540.D movement
  • Up to 100m water-resistance
  • 18-month warranty
  • Priced from $886 USD to $965 USD

About Wryst

Wryst was founded by Jacques Fournier, a luxury Swiss timepiece designer that launched the  brand in 2012. Since then, Wryst has been providing exclusive watches through online-only exclusive collections, and have no plans to extend their products to retail markets. Instead, Jacques Fournier is confident that concentrating on a niche market will help the brand grow stronger. For more information on the FORCE collection, please visit the official Wryst website.

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