Introducing The Toc19 From Toc Watch

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Toc Watch is a small watch company based in Dublin, Ireland. It was set up in July 2016 with the sole purpose of designing and delivering vintage styled watches that express the individuality of the wearer. Toc keeps the design simple while still managing to introduce some bolder dial colors. However, at no time do they take their focus off of delivering a quality watch. The watch is now available on Kickstarter until August 25th with Super Early Bird prices starting at €179 ($206) as part of their pre-order launch campaign. They have already achieved their funding target and at this rate, their limited edition dials will sell out quickly.

Twelve months ago, deep in a discussion about what makes a great watch great, Will and Max decided that it was time to channel their creativeness into a project they truly cared for. And so, Toc was born and the design of the Toc19 began.

The Inspiration For Toc19

The minimalist design of the Toc19 watches makes them elegant enough to be dress watches, yet unassuming, so still perfect for everyday wear. The design was inspired by a German vintage watch from Kano dating back to the 1930’s. The watch company Kano was unfortunately destroyed during WWII but its design influence remains. This Bauhaus influence is clearly seen in Toc’s simple design and in their use of a hand wound movement. Will and Max left nothing to chance and this can be seen in their attention to detail. They have spent the last 12 months ensuring quality was not overlooked when choosing the materials they have used.

Toc19 Specifications

  • Domed Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Stainless Steel Case (316L)
  • Italian Leather Strap
  • 44mm Case Diameter
  • Brass Dial – Brushed Sunray and Smooth Finishes
  • Dial Colors – Crimson Red, Retro Cream, Sunray Silver, Graphite Grey, Carbon Black, and Emerald Green
  • Hand Wound Seagull ST3621 Movement
  • Beats at 21,600 bph
  • Water Resistance – 30m
  • Weight – 75g

The Toc19 will be a limited-edition release of 6 different dial colors as well as various strap options. The Crimson Red and Emerald Green dial colors show the adventurous side of the two founders where the Retro Cream shows their appreciation of heritage and the past.

They have intelligently managed to balance vintage and modern styling through subtle design tweaks, such as the red seconds hand on the black dial as well as the louder dial colors which enhance the watch’s clean styling. Each dial color has its own appeal and they want the buyer to be inspired and pick the dial color and strap option that suits their own unique personality.

The Next 12 Months For Toc

Will and Max have great plans for Toc with a second design in the works already. They hope to release a total of 3 watches before July 2018 and each watch will be launched with the same verve and direct-to-consumer model starting with pre-orders on Kickstarter. Will Max have a fresh and honest approach to their new business, making it a part of their lifestyle. They are adamant that their core philosophy will never change and although they are not long into their journey, they believe that it’s never too late to break free and change your story.

The Toc19 is only available for pre-order until the 25th of August. Pre-order pricing starts at €179 ($206). After Kickstarter and from September onward, the retail price will be €379 ($436). Their project is now live on Kickstarter and you can learn more about Toc by visiting their official website.

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